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Expositions - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below please find answers to some of the more frequently asked questions by our exhibitors. If you don't find the answer to your question here, please feel free to call us directly at Tel:(808)239-7777 or email us at info@familyexpositions.com.

Why your company or organization should exhibit

Meet thousands of potential customers face-to-face

The Baby & Kids Expos are the only interactive marketing vehicle in Hawaii where you can meet thousands of qualified, targeted (prenatal to preteen) customers face-to-face. Start building your relationship with thousands of potential customers at our expos.

Customers can touch and feel your product or ask questions about your services and get immediate responses

Let customers feel, touch and experience your product and/or service right at the show. Let them feel the quality of your products, see the selections available and ask questions about your products and services.

Make immediate sales at the show

Although the purpose of our expos is to find new customers and to build and retain customers throughout the year. Our expos lend themselves well to providing companies and organizations the opportunity to beniefit from immediate sales and exposure right from the show floor. Boost company sales for the month or quarter by making sales to attendees right at the show. Or provide a boost to your company's exposure in the community.

Demonstrate or launch a new product or service at the show

Our expos offer exhibitors the opportunity to benefit from the shows' media and publicity campaign. We successfully feature qualified exhibitors in print and tv media immediately before the expo, driving interested buyers and potential customer to see them at the show.

Get immediate feedback on your product or services

Ever wonder why something is just not going right for a product or service or on the other hand why a product or service is doing very well

Liquidate excess inventory

Need to liquidate some excess inventory, bring it to the expo and offer a show special on the liquidated products. Offers store discounts to drive customers back to your store.

Questions about our expos

How many days are each of the expos?

The expo is a two (2) day weekend event. The doors open at 10am and close at 5pm each day.

How many people attend the expo?

Between 10 - 12 thousand qualified and motivated attendees attend each of our shows each year.

Can I sell my products and services at the show?

Yes, Absolutely.

Do I need to do an activity at the show?

No. What you do in your booth is completely up to you. Although having an activity, promotion or prize giveaway at the expo helps to attract attendees to your booth.

How much does it cost to participate in the show?

We have various booth pricing, including special pricing for crafters and non-profit organizations. Ask for an Exhibitor Contract Application for more information. Or call or email us directly at Tel:(808) 239-7777 or info@familyexpositions.com

Is it hard to set-up a booth at the show?

No. Various exhibitors require more or less time to setup depending on the complexity of their booth displays. But we give our exhibitors plenty of time on move-in day to get everything just right.

When can I set-up my booth??

Move-in is on the Friday from 3pm to 9pm. Need a little more time, don't fret. You can also move-in and set-up on Saturday from 8am to 9:45am.

Do we support exhibitors with any marketing and promotion?

Yes. We offer our exhibitors opportunities to do demonstrations and/or performances at the show to feature their expertise and/or talents. We also promote our exhibitors by way of TV appearances and newspaper features.

Is there anyway to participate if I can't make it to the show?

Yes. We understand that for various reasons (ie. distance, budget, etc.) you are unable to make it to the show. No problem, just ask us how you can either advertise in our showguide or become a sponsor at the show.

How do I furnish my booth?

Exhibitors are allowed to decorate and furnish their booths however they want as long as they adhere to the show's "booth display guidelines" and the show's terms & conditions. In fact, Family Expositions offers a very reasonably priced booth package to help get you started.

Can I do a demonstration or entertain on the main stage?

Absolutely. By doing a presentation or some sort of children's entertainment on the main stage, Family Expositons will promote your talk or performance on our website and in our showguide. That's great long-term promotion for your company. Sign up quick and complete our Performance Request Form as soon as possible because performance and demonstration slots fill up fast. (Preference for slots is given to show exhibitors, first)

How do I sign up to be an exhibitor at the show?

Easy, just complete our Exhibitor Contract Application and send (email, fax, mail) it to us with your payment and we'll reserve you a booth at the show. To request an Exhibitor Contract Application just call us at Tel:(808)239-7777 or email us at info@familyexpositions.com